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Francis & Francis Y1 Metodo Iperespresso Discounts Apply !
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Francis & Francis Y1 Metodo Iperespresso
The Francis Francis Y1 iperEspresso machine is a perfect fit for any kitchen.  It has a smaller footprint than most traditional coffee makers and its bright white color will add a splash of style to any home.  One of the most convenient parts of the Y1 is its warming surface that can be used to keep an already-made espresso warm while you prepare others.  Also, the water reservoir gives you espresso after espresso before needing to refill, yet another reason to love the Y1 iperEspresso.  With this beautiful and functional single serve espresso brewer from Francis Francis, you will enjoy a full-bodied and flavorful espresso topped with a long lasting crema all without even leaving home.

Brewer type:     Single Serve Espresso
Type of beverage:     Espresso (under pressure)
Pod type:     iperEspresso Capsules
Manufacturers:     illy
Features:     * Sturdy aluminum casing with tempered glass cup holder
* Espresso in seconds - steam options sold separately
* Pump pressure: 19 bars
* Works exclusively with illy iperEspresso capsules
* Automatic ejection of used capsules into side compartment
* Used capsules drawer capacity: 7 capsules
* Manual shut off lets you control cup volume
* Removable water tank capacity: 23.7 ounces for easy refilling
* Height-adjustable cup drip tray accommodates cups of various sizes
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List Price: AUD $376.53
Price: AUD $255.01

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